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Port forwarding


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I have version 1.8.3 beta but had the problem also on older versions.

I have a US Robotics USR 8054 wifi router, connected to my ADSL modem, zyxel P-2602R-D1A.

I set up the port forwarding on the USR and in the NAT section on the Zyxel... but I still get the orange warning sign on the bottom bar, instead of the green V.

Can anybody tell me what to do, or what to look for???

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I forwarded the zyxel to the IP of the USR.

The Zyxel has range trough .99 . The USR is fixed on .35 so I forwarded the Zyxel to that IP

The USR has range trough 20 and my PC is connected on the first IP.

I forwarded my port (7722) on the Zyxel to : 7722

and on the USR to : 7722

That should be correct, right??

PS thanks for the quick response!

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