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Port forwarding/Utorrent picking up wrong ip address


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Hi everyone,

I have a Netgear WGR614v7 router and a Copperjet 1616-2p modem.

The port for uTorrent is open on the modem and recognised as such according to uTorrent so no problems there. The port's open on the router as well, however:

On the router uTorrent is not detecting it. The port checker tests a port on an ip address in the 93.125...range whereas I picked the default address for my router, 192.168....range. I tried changing my router IP address to that one but that didn't work.

Firewalls on both modem and router are off, using Windows firewall from XP SP2. Router firmware is the latest version.

Why in the blazes is uTorrent doing this?

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Ok, I've read the advanced section on port forwarding but I'm not getting much further.

uTorrent is set to use port 4003, on my modem ports 4002-4004 are open and the firewall on it is turned off. Same ports are opened on my router and the firewall on there is turned off as well.

Hooking up a pc to the modem gives no problems but with the router in between it says the port is not open.

What am I doing wrong here?

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