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Reset all downloads after PC crash.


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I use v1.4 build 402

All my downloads are located on network drive ( fileserver )

I see two problems:

1. When I open new torrent "for seeding" the software don't check hash before beginning seeding.

2. After crash the software resets all downloads to 0% instead of recheck existing files.

Because in both cases hash-checking phase is missing I think it may be two sumptoms of same error.

in case (2) I have to remove all downloads from list and reinitiate them again to stimulate hash checking on existing files.


If you need I can reproduce all described on my PC again for test purposes.

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Please see how to work classical BT client after PC crash. It makes all fine.

And you software makes all fine, but requires MANUAL operation - Remove torrent, then add torrent again with pointing on EXISTING files ( before-crash parts ).

I need AUTOMATICAL reaction by same rules - as it is in classical BT client.

And about "for seeding". I think you have to check hash BEFORE seeding because "you can't expect anything".

Now you don't check it.

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