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Slow speeds


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I live in New Zealand (which has very slow connections) and iv read all the sticky's and im not new to this but im still getting very slow speeds. Im downloading a file which is 7 gigs and has 2000 seeders and 6000 peers, my ports are forwarded and i have everything done correctly but im still only getting 9 kb/s and iv been downloading it for a few hours now and nothing has improved.

i should also note that i do download a lot but im on an old plan that lets me download unlimited gigs without getting capped.

Any ideas why im getting such slow speeds?

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my upload speed is crap (about 140 kb/s) so my settings are:

Maximum upload rate: 9

Global maximum number of connections: 80

maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 55

number of upload slots per torrent: 3

Protocol encryption: Enabled

Allow incoming legacy connections: Ticked

Enable UPnP port matting: Ticked

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping: picked

Add windows firewall exception: Ticked

These are some of the important settings, any more you need just ask

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(Under Preferences, BitTorrent)

Try disabling Local Peer Discovery and DHT (both kinds, since that torrent has PLENTY of peers+seeds anyway).

Keep Peer Exchange enabled for if the tracker goes down.

In the Peers window for that torrent, right-click and disable Resolve IPs. While they may be interesting, the info there OFTEN shows the wrong flag, the DNS info is sometimes incorrect, and the extra connections made and bandwidth used to do it does not help your down/up speeds any. :(

Bare ips are more useful for sorting and adding to ipfilter.dat (worst-case scenario for bad peers/seeds!)

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