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Constantly Uploading?


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Hi There

I've been using utorrent for a few years now, but I'm no expert. Recently had this issue come to my attention and wondering if its anything someone has experienced or can help with?

About 2 months ago utorrent started uploading constantly at 1120 kbs, which seemed like quite a lot as I generally download - then only seed for a short time.

Either way, I switched my speed display to only show downloading speeds and forgot about it.

However - its still going on! Even when I stop all of my current torrents listed or controll their speed for seeding. I have now gone into the preferences and set upload limit at 1 kbs, but can't work out a) what is being uploaded B) where it is going or c) how to stop it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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a) 1kbs upload limit will limit your download speed too - minimum is 6kbs not to be limited

B) the bittorrent protocol and system only works when you share, means take (download) and give (upload) - otherwise the system will be hurt and die ...

c) a small amount of up/download is normal because of DHT and tracker alignment

In general: check your seeding goal, should be more than 1.0 :)

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