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Moved to a new desktop - Now utorrent not working


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Just wondering if someone can help please. I was running utorrent on a PC and all was good. Was getting great download speed. I have now puchased a new computer and installed utorrent to this.

But for some reason I can not get any of my downloads to operate like they did on the previous PC.

I have my TCP and UDP open to a port with my service IP address added.

I am running Norton 360. I have tried to open the port in this but everytime I do so it takes the port away from the utorrent program.

On the utorrent program at the bottom the yellow triangle is showing (this was always green on my old pc).

What can I do to bring the program working like it was on my old pc.

Would be very greatful if someone could help please.

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Hi moogly,

Thanks for that. I did try and add those settings but for some reason everytime I change N360 apply the changes, go back into see if my changes have worked they for some reason go back to default settings. Im just wondering if there is something within N360 that restricts me from applying these changes. I am running the new version of N360 called Version: Any ideas how I can make these changes fix?

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