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USB Internet - Slow Speed - Only Speeds Up After Midnight!


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im currently using USB internet provided by T-Mobile, the internet is ok, but the speeds are not great even at the best of times. The top speeds i get when downloading are sometimes up at 150kb/s but this is after midnight and anytime before that speeds are usually around 2kb/s - 5kb/s

I have tried to configure the USB Modem but i am unable to get any real settings as i can find an ip address for it.

any help would be great



PS ive also found that when im downloading straight from a website that i get very good speeds of around 110kb/s so i no the modem is capable of getting high speeds during the day

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consistantly slow every day and speeds a fair bit at night. I could ring T-Mobile but im sure its due to the area that im in. Unfortunatly ive been ropped into a 12 month contract. I just dont understand how i can download from a website and get speeds of around 120kb/s but through Utorrent its very slow, i can only think its to do with the settings?

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