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error: Invalid download state, try resuming


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after dl'ing completes...seeding starts i get an error: Invalid download state, try resuming or, error : file is missing when i check location of file it is there but will not seed. This is messing with my ratio. How do i correct this.

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ok for anyone that has this problem i think i solved it. well for me anyway.

my drive letter had changed from G to I and it was a 1tb exsternal drive. i was in proses of moving and had unpluged evrything and when pluged back in this happend.

so what i did was. i had to change my drive letter back to G but in order to do this i had to look at all the v drives i had like power iso & magic iso and clone cd. and all that and i found what drive was using G and dissabeled all me v. drives till G was no more. then whent to manage on my comp and refreshed and then tryed to change drive letter and path and the letter G was then up for grabs, so i changed it and bingo. whent back to utorrent and forced start and all was well.

sorry for bad spellings. and really hope thiws helped somone out

peace sunhouse

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