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Hello, I'm having problems with my download speed it doesn't go up from 10 kB/s and the red icon's always on.

I've tryed everthing, from configuring my router, adding exceptions to my firewall, unplugging my internet connection and router for a while, downloading patches and programs that do not work and in the end putting the settings just as they initially were. The download continues with no errors at all, like I said the speed's the only problem. Please answer asap. Thanks a million!

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Ok, I did the next: I used the conservative settings chart yesterday and as that didn't help much I made the changes that Ultima proposes, that seemed to help for a while, then it went back to the same lousy speed. Some data...

Port checker says the port I'm using for utorrent is closed but I've added an exception at my router's configs! Operating system is Windows XP SP3

Antivirus is AVG (with Internet Security)

Modem is Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

ISP is www.hipuu.com.py

Speed test reports: Download 0.13 Mbps Upload 0.9 Mbps Ping 300ms.

The torrent I'm downloading has 30 of availability, there are 28 seeds and 17 peers.

Further description of my problem: Sometimes the speed gets below 5 kB/s when I use my web browser and sometimes it does the same when I'm not doing anything else at all that requires internet.

So I'm not sure what the cause could be... It's all weird, the first night I started downloading I got speeds like 23 kB/s... Help please!

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There is almost certainly something wrong with your line if your download is only 0.13 megabit/sec while upload is 0.9 megabit/sec. Download is usually (much!) greater than upload for ADSL and cable lines! Either that...or you have other programs running in the background that are using lots of bandwidth. (windows updates, AV programs download virus identification updates, viruses/worms/malware/spyware.) Use Process Explorer and TCP View from sysinternals.com (which reroutes to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/default.aspx ) to spot other programs making internet connections that might be using some/lots of bandwidth.

We can pretty much assume your ISP is very hostile towards BitTorrent traffic...and seemingly to a lot of other traffic as well! If there's more reasonable ISPs in your area, consider switching to them.

But to try to get SOME use out of the connection you currently have...try ALL this:

DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent). This reduces the number of connections uTorrent makes...hopefully making it MUCH harder for your ISP to spot what you're doing and disrupt/throttle uTorrent.

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...it reuses existing peer/seed connecitons but only works with public torrents.

Set Encryption to FORCED and DISABLE incoming (not encrypted) legacy connections.

If you have ANY unencrypted peer/seed BitTorrent connections, your ISP is likely to spot them and throttle/slow everything!

In Advanced,

Lower bt.connect_speed to only making 1-4 outgoing connection attempt per second. (It defaults to 20 per second!)

Lower net.max_halfopen to allowing only 4-8 unfinished outgoing connection attempts (half open connections) at the same time.

NEITHER of these settings will reduce how fast you get incoming connections if uTorrent is not firewalled (green light at bottom).

From the 2nd link in my signature, try the 320 kilobit/sec upload settings first. Sadly, even that's probably way too many connections and too high an upload speed max...but maybe after the above changes, things will be better. If not, lower the settings to 192 kilobit/sec upload settings. You may need to reduce global and per-torrent connection max as low as 10 to more effectively "hide" your activities of the internet connection you're paying for...from your ISP who is probably refusing to provide the service!

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