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Utorrent 1.8.3 slows down my browsing speed to dial up speeds...


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Since this isn't particularly a topic about the download/upload speeds of the software itself, but more a side effect that slows down my browsing, I think I can post this here... if not, apologies.

I had this installed for several days and didn't notice anything strange for the first few days... I got great speeds and could have multiple downloads on without affecting anything like it's always been with my experience with older versions.

However, for the best part of the day now I've had the following problem: loading utorrent instantly slows my browsing speeds to the point I thought I lost my connection. However, the download and upload speeds on utorrent are steady and rising as usual. It seems whatever the speed (at 20 k/s or 2000 k/s) I'm downloading at, I can only have one transfer at a time if I want to be able to browse on the computer I have utorrent installed on (other computers on this network are unaffected and smoothly load whatever website I want).

So the keypoints in short:

-Utorrent affects the browsing speed only on the computer it's installed on

-Having more than one transfer using utorrent gives me the above mentioned problem

-It doesn't matter whether the speed of that particular transfer or the particular transfers are fast or slow, my computer acts as if the bandwidth have been maxxed out

-at the same time, when I go to my other computers or use the wifi on my iphone connected on this sitecom WL 534 v1 router, no problems at all.

I've tried re-installing but no luck... I have had no such problems with utorrent before. Will downgrading the version help?

EDIT: I just saw the topic about nod32 and Utorrent... I recently installed NOD32, this might be the problem. Trying the fix mentioned in the sticky now.

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