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1 GB limit?


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uT 1.8.3 b15772

All programs worked fine, uT and Internet browser.

I got download speeds of over 200 kb/sec today.

After about 2 hours all Internet activity stopped suddenly.

I tried to reconnect and so on.

But nothing helped.

I had to restart the computer. Now its fine.

The only thing I noticed, was, the TOTAL download was exactly 1 GB !!!

Any ideas , anyone?

Strange, isn't it? :)

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Yeap, it was my fault.

I played with those settings of maximum peers and connections.

Still , there are 3 points remaining:

1.) What exactly is happening und breaking down or

reach an overflow or what?

2.) Since I can't remember the original values for the connection settings,

wouldn't it be better to put a [Default] button on that site with the preferences,

so that everybody can restore the old values?

3.) Once the connection breaks down, it stays down.

Even when I terminate uT, I can't access the web from a browser.

I have to restart the computer.


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