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Windows 7 and U torrent


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Does anyone have upload problems with U torrent.

Upload speed allways gets up and then down and over and over again.It never stays at constant speed.

I will try with older version like 1.7.7 that one allways worked great for me.

Im not sayin that problem is in U torrent, but I just wanna check it out.

It could be problem of Windows 7.

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Well I done some research. And my problem is solved with U torrents speed problems and Win 7.

I dont know if this have to do something with it but I done this too:

Run U torrent as Administrator.

But maybe most of work have done this

TCP/IP Patch for windows 7

[MUNCHED BY ADMIN -- should NOT be needed, link from questionable source]

I had to wait for a while, untill site opened

(read ReadMe.en.txt for program setup and solutions)

Before I had 50 leechers and upload went down, sometimes to 0 . Now Im runing it with only 2 leechers and its uploading at max speed.

I hope that this will solve many problems.

Well, after reinstallation, the problem is back, and this did not resolved it.

What could happened before reinstall, that solved this issue?

Wierd stuff



Who say Im using 1.7.7 I wrote that I will try if 1.8.3 wont work and it does not.

Sometimes i get filling that you guys just wont help to people and playin dumb.

Its not just me ,many users say the same.


This guy has exactly the same problem and runing win 7 x64 , I wrote it down that I have the same problem with same OS but some of you guys delete it.

I dont know maybe its not allowed to write in someone elses theme, or you just want theme to dissappear to page 10.

I know that this job is not easy(im mod too) but its better not to write anything, then something that wont help or or playin dumb. And if you have enough of everything, just go for a walk in nature,park or somethin.... Anyway my problem is not resolved, I have green light ,download works fine, I have incoming connections but Uploading still have problems like I said it allways gets up and then down and over and over again.It never stays at constant max speed like it should, maybe for a min. or 2. My settings are 100% correct, I have installed IPv6...try without IPv6 ANy ideas?

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