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Disc Overloaded 100%


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Using uTorrent Build 13885 (will upgrade as soon as it finishes writing cache to disk). Got the Disc Overloaded 100% error at the bottom of the screen. Downloading at about 1.2MB/s onto a USB 2.0 HDD.

I have a Q6700 with 6GB of RAM on Windows 7 build 7201.

When I look at Resource Monitor, I can see uTorrent is writing to the HDD at 30MB/s - this should be more than enough to satisfy my download speed. I set the disk cache to 1GB to see if that would take care of it (and it did, until the cache filled up). After maybe 10-15 minutes of downloading at 1.2MB/s, it's taken 40 minutes at 30MB/s (with task manager listing uTorrent as having 280MB left to go).

I am analysing the hard drive with defrag right now, but even if it was fragmented, with verified 30MB/s writing, it shouldn't take this long.

Any ideas what's going on?

*edit* just checked the defrag report, 0% fragmentation with 280GB free space. All of my files are pre-allocated.

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Problem may be solved... I told it not to immediately write completed chunks (figuring maybe switching around quickly could be causing this) and I upgraded to the latest beta. Have no problems.

And it wasn't right after adding a new torrent.

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