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Download via Open/Save window suddenly stopped


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I have been using UTorrent for a year or more via Firefox and using XP.

The routine for downloading is that I have UTorrent open and visit a torrent select download. I get a window asking me if I want to save or Open. I always choose open using UTorrent and the file downloads (it may be the other way round). Eventually UTorrent is displayed and I simply click OK for the file to appear and start downloading.

From yesterday when I click on any torrent download the window that pops up immediately is the save window asking me to enter the file name to save to. I have lost the ability to open in UTorrent.

Thought this could be a problem with UTorrent setting, browser or windows. I have visited other sites (not Torrents) and opted to download a program or forms and it offers me the window to save or Open. This tells me it is a Torrent setting somewhere.

Can anyone help please

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Thanks DWK. I had looked in FAQ but could not find - clearly was not looking at right search.

have corrected and now all OK. FYI in Firefox now it is to be found in Options/Applications (not content).

Cannot understand how or what changed it.


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