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Transfer speeds suck a**


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Hi all,

I have, as of the past two-to-three months, experienced really sh*tty d/l--u/l speeds. Typically 0,5 to 25 kB/s regardless of the number of seeders.

It wasn't always like this, my 'speed record' is 2.300 kB/s.

My ISP is not on the list of ISPs that throttle/interfere with BitTorrent, port forwarding works fine, my firewall (PC-tools) allows µTorrent full access.

This dramatic reduction of transfer speeds seems to have coincided with my migrating to Windows7 RC1, can that have anything to do with the problem?

I would greatly appreciate any input on this!

Thank you.

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No, I didn't, but I sure will. I will report here on how it went. Thanks for the tip!


I ditched PC-tools as well as Threatfire and installed Comodo firewall some 30 mins ago, and just now when I checked the ETA for one d/l had gone down from a day and a half to 22 minutes. So it sure looks, at this point, like PC-tools was slowing down.

Thx again DreadWingKnight!

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