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Upload speed gos to max for 3min and then drops down to 10/kbs


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I have green light ,download works fine, I have incoming connections.

I posted question before, but it seems that you have set forums Topics not to Update after user edit something. I think thats not good idea.

This guy has exactly the same problem and runing win 7 x64 , I wrote it down that I have the same problem with same OS but some of you guys delete it.

I dont know maybe its not allowed to write in someone elses theme, or you just want theme to dissappear to page 10.

I know that this job is not easy(im mod too) but its better not to write anything, then something that wont help or or playin dumb. And if you have enough of everything, just go for a walk in nature,park or somethin.... Anyway my problem is not resolved, I have green light ,download works fine, I have incoming connections but Uploading still have problems like I said it allways gets up and then down and over and over again.It never stays at constant max speed like it should, maybe for a min. or 2. My settings are 100% correct, I have installed IPv6...try without IPv6 ANy ideas?

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This is new problem.

No now I have 10mbit/sec down and 1,5mbit/sec up.

Im using Kaspersky Internet Security on Windows 7 x64 machine.

Windows Firewall is disabled.


One more thing.

I had to reinstall windows 7 one more time, but before I had this problem too,

but somehow it dissappeared, now its here again. What could it be?

Could this have something to do with it?


If thats true can I disable Ipv6 or what?


What about NetBios over TcpIp? (its enabled, but far as i Know its not nessesary)


I disabled TCP Auto-Tuning in win 7 ,koz it can koz problems, and now after restart it looks ok.

Its uploading at max for 10min. I hope its ok now. (i disabled Netbios over tcpip too)


Its been 3.30h and still ok. YOu can delete this


Well i think it is U torents bug, koz when my upload went down suddenly ,

I test my upload speed on speed test and it was like it should be 1.5mbit/sec


This is so strange. Today everythings OK .

I do not know what could it be. One day its like this one day like that...

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Well, had a similar problem with 1.8.3. I'm running Windows 7 x64 edition. Upload occasionally runs full speed (say 600 kB/s), then drops to 30. After a minute or 10 minutes or so uploading resumes to full speed, then drops again.

I have solved the problem by putting a limit (say 5000) in Bandwidth->Global Upload Rate Limiting.

It seems that uTorrent was mistakingly applying upload limit.

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