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Can't download over my own private LAN


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Here is my issue

I cannot download a torrent from myself ... here is the story

Two XP computer on my home network. Laptop via wireless router and desktop acting as my server cabled directly to the router.

On the "server" I am running IIS with my own homepage and BNBT bittorrent server/tracker and using utorrent 1.8.3

When checking/testing access to the torrent server I connected to my homepage torrent server page and downloaded a torrent on the remote machine and it will not download from the server. It connects to the tracker on the homepage but utorrent will not send any data.

On both machines if I do the "reset bans" and look in the log, it seems that both utorrent programs (server and remote laptop) are banning each other and so no data is being transferred.

What's up with this ? I'd like to resolve it.

Suggestions ?

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It seems to be banning the single static internet IP that the router/network shares

Considering the port that is banned it is banning itself on each machine

If I enable or disable the NAT-PMP port mapping the ban seems to ban the internal LAN and the the public IP addresses

If both machine/utorrent have NAT-PMP port mapping enabled then they seem to ban each other

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Yes, having only the internal LAN address of the server seems to work - but only after I quickly tell each utorrent to reset bans. Then again, after messing around some more, it's hit or miss on when it works or not. No matter what I do it is still banning itself and/or the other and will only download (if at all) after I reset bans.

What settings should I use or not use for NAT-PMT, etc?

Why are the banning themselves and each other in the first place? Can this be resolved? What are the ideal situation for utorrent settings for this setup (rather than having to add my internal IP to the torrent tracker list).

The server/tracker computer utorrent is banning itself entirely even when the remote utorrent is not operating.

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I got things working with both the links you provided - but replacing the bnbt.exe screws up the html display and how the pages appear, which I don't understand what that would happen. I have not changed the default directories or files, but replacing the bnbt.exe changes how the pages work.

The menu bar at the top of the screen disappears....

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Alright, well thanks anyway. I'm going to have to stick with the "old" version since the newer version isn't really functional on a webpage/html basis - in other words, the easy use menu and control panel, etc.

I only run the tracker for a few private people, so I'm not gonna spend time changing all the html or scripting to return the html appearance and functionality to the "old" install appearance.


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