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listen error after some time in ubuntu


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I've been running µTorrent under Wine in Ubuntu for some months now.

Its Ubuntu-Server with Gnome.

After I start µTorrent, it goes to listen error.

Sometimes it takes 10 minutes before it does, other times it takes several hours.

Then I cant connect by webui and the speed slows down, like im not connectable.

I have to restart µTorrent to fix it.

I've been running µTorrent with wine in Debian and Fluxbox many times before and never had this problem.

Now im running behind a router. I have forwarded the port, so its no problem there.

Anyone know what may be causing this to happen?

Thanks :)

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aha, then its not listen error i get

i dont get the listen error when it happens, but when i restart utorrent i get it, so i thought that was the problem

then it probably just get listen error because i start it up to fast after closing it

But the program acts like the port is not forwarded, and this happens after some time, as stated in first post.

I use port 54134 and have forwarded port 54130-54140 to the computer, so that cant be it.

And other software like vsftpd, ssh-server and apache2 has no problem with the ports.

edit: i have version 1.0.1, latest stable version

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