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Network Connection becomes intermittant when using utorrent


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My internet connection switches on/off when i use utorrent. When I run my client the network adapter says cable unplugged.Then says connected,back and forth til it stops working completely. This only happens when running utorrent, not at any other time. I had everything set up fine and have had no probs for a very long time. I haven't altered anything that I'm aware of.I've checked the cable,modem,adapters,etc and can't find the problem.Again this ONLY happens when running the client.Any help would be appreciated Thx.

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Last week is not very informative.

WHAT happened last week?

ISP hostile takeover?

Trackers died?

Windows auto-updated?

uTorrent version update?

Software firewall update?

Started the LAST torrent that finally overloaded your networking?

The link moogly gave seeks to resolve any of those causes.

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