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Odd problem with "force recheck" - percentages not always the same


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My problem is this: often times when re-checking torrents after rearranging the files on my disk the way I like them to be organized (and using "Relocate..." in the files tab, but this is not the only time it happens) they do not have the same percentage completed. However, it is usually only the last file in the list that has a different percentage completed, and I will show you some screenshots of what I mean.

I want to tell you that in this first screenshot, all of the files under "Season 1" and "Season 2" folders most certainly are complete. For the purpose of the screenshots I have set the S02E14 file to a slightly different name (added .bak) so that uT would not find it.


In this second screenshot, I have removed the .bak so that uT will find it again during the force re-check. Please note that this is all that I have done. I have not changed anything else.


Notice how S02E13 is now 100% complete and it is S02E14 that is erroneously incomplete.

I have noticed this issue many times before (it is always only off by 1-3%) and have simply started the download again to clear it. However, I have received this directly after downloading and completing torrents, and immediately 'force rechecking' to make sure. Can someone tell me how to fix this, or how to prevent this from happening in the future? Is it a known bug, or should I try to report it as a bug?

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