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Weird things are happening with my Utorrent


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Ok, so ive looked at several help topics and whatnot but I am not getting anythign out of it.

Heres my situation

Brand new laptop trying to work Utorrent, all of the sudden it doesnt work, i get RED AVAILABILITY, this is now happening on my old computer as well. Never happened b4

I added the 5200 5199 5198 ports and they are getting the OK.

However availability is still red, i still have 0 seeds and 0 peers.

[all of the sudden i am getting 15/140 seeds and 15/244 peers, and is slowly downloading, i figured that 3.42gig would download faster than the 3days it tells me. availability is now a mis of shadded blue bars with my laptop]

even though i can wait it out, my old computer is still not working with utorrent with the above problem of haveing 0 seeds/peers and red availability

can some one help me figure this out without having to download multipel tools or anything like that?

Much appreciated


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