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Speed problems with new Verizon Dsl


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I recently upgrade my verizon dsl speed to 2.mbs.They flipped the switch on early this week. I was getting an awesome 600down 80ish up, which was a happy upgrade from my 170dn 40up, untill the new modem came. I hooked it up with the help of verizon and they had me switch their settings to a routed bridge connection. This got my new modem to work and this was fine, until i realized that my u torrent speeds have been cut across the board now down to 400dn if that. My dismay of course since i''ve been d/l a t.v. series and now the much anticipated conclusion will just be an anticipation.

Please help. Thank You.

Running vista 64

amd dual core 2.90mhz

8.00gb ram 1024mhz

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I could be confusing bits for bytes(that has always confused me). I 'm basing this on my u torrent speeds because I d/l all the time; and its a normally a good judge of my speed(because I try to get the most of my connection; a balance between browser speed and d/l).All I know is yesterday my speeds were 200k/b more on Utorrent, consistently then now. I'm also sorry I didn't post a fancy bandwidth picture. I did speed tests then and now, and get the same 5300ish dn 80ish up. My Mozilla is as always blazing fast. Thank You for any help everybody.

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"get the same 5300ish dn 80ish up"

5300 MUST be kilobits/sec...no ra-ADSL 2+ modem can go 5300 KiloBYTES/second.

But that means 80 kilobits/sec upload!

That should be closer to 10 times that amount!

Did you pause or stop uTorrent's torrents before doing that speed test?

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10:00pm new edit

I might have been premature in these posts. I was reading the troubleshooting guide and, tried d/ling office org. and the torrent speeds flew up.


So the problem may lie in the swarm??

8:00pm old edit

Alright sorry about the mixing up the numbers peeps. This pic is presently.


I'm not really sure about the terms still. I know, I should be one bandwidth tier higher.

Originally I was getting max 170k/b dn and 40k/b up; close to the pics bndwth.

Then Verizon turned on the switch, and I was getting 600k/b dn 80+k/b ish up.

Then It happened, I thought I try out the new modem, initially didn't work, Verizon helped(switch a bunch of settings around) and got my new modem to work. But at the cost of of my sweet Utorrent speeds.

This is presently


My speed tests through out the Tier switch and new modem install have remained appx. the same.

I hoping I'm a little clearer. Thanks everybody.

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To be fair that pic was taken (at around 95% and 100% and after) their was a fairly sustained speed. But yes this connection is horrible, the house was built in the 70's. The phones are jacked though and the dsl line chord from the outlet is the rounded wire. If only I could get the 500ish dn speed back arghhhhhh.

All I can remember(going on 2weeks) is the Verizon guy switching my settings to routed bridge.

All this: Paste from my Verizon connection home pages

Internet Status:


DSL Link:



6136 Kbps / 863 Kbps

Connection Type:


Lease Type: Dynamic

IP Address Allocation: DHCP

Protocol: bridge

Bridge Mode: routed bridge

Any help appreciated. Thanks everybody...I mean Switeck

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So when I was getting a consistent number like 600+ k/bdn 80+ k/bup on Utorrent for the 3 days or so, before the new modem install. A welcome upgrade from 2 yrs of 170k/b dn and 40k/b up(ala the stone age), I was getting the max of my crap bandwidth connection?

Probably attributed to many things top somethings like the (Dsl degrade loss of signal?) in the hard lines, old house, my current settings?

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Adjusted it this morning, been running it all day no change. Now I'm wondering if the port forwarding is working. I noticed that there has definitely been more redyellowgreen incoming connection icon switching ; since the first change. If it helps I have a Linksys wrt54gs router, and forwarded the same port.number in the start & end box. This didn't seem to bring a successful Utorr. port checker page. So I also tried the Verizon settings and no success. With no change in speed. Arghhh. I've also just noticed that my IE8 Loads, but just displays a cannot display page. So I Installed Vista sp2(d/led at 400/500k/b dn consistently) . No change. Noticed that Verizon didn't have UPnP enabled: now it does. ARghhh Thanks Switeck

Today reinstalled Utorrent no change, got Bittorrent getting maybe a little more speed. Bittorrent incoming connection icon is saying no incoming connections port checker also fails. Arghhh

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