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Download speed won't go higher than 5.0kB/s.


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uTorrent shows the green check mark, showing everything is fine with my port but my downloads won't go higher than 5.0kB/s.. I even forwarded a port for it, still the same problem. My connection is only of 200kbps, so i don't expect to get more than 20.0kB/s on a torrent with about 30 active seeds.

No matter what torrent i download, active seeds of up to 3k, i still get only about 2-3.0kB/s. Does my ISP have something to do with it?, i tested it with some online test to see if my isp is manipulating my torrent's speeds. But the test said they aren't. i don't know how accurate this test was, so if you have some other way of testing it, please let me know.

Can you recommend something? do you need more information? if so.. just ask and i'll give you all the information you need.

If there was something posted about this and i missed it i'm sorry for spamming the forums with my useless post. I am just tired. leave a link to a post about this if there is one.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, i don't really know if it's important but i have a broadband router, ClearAccess AG10.

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My isp is Tricom in Dominican Republic. No i haven't tried it, i will now.


I used the openoffice torrent, and i got max download speeds of like 10kB/s. I've gotten speeds of up to 23kB/s in uTorrent, so something is wrong... I created a static IP for my PC, lets hope this fixes the problem. i'll re-edit my post if so.


I made the static IP, and now i'm going to forward a port for uTorrent, seems like i got it wrong the first time, so i'm getting some help in the portforward forums, they don't have my broadband router in there guides. I hope i can get all this sorted out, i love uTorrent, i've been using it for almost 3 years i think, this is the first time i've encountered this problem. (after i switched from a 56MB connection to a 200kbps =/)

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