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Help with seeding a file to a private torrent site


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I'm new with private torrent sites. I've just signed up with one, for which the way to seed the files you've uploaded is confusing me.

The staff of the site is telling that once I've uploaded my files, I have to trash my original torrent file and download a new one from their site (with their 'passkey' on it). I then have to had it to the client as though I was going to download it but of course I want to start seeding my files. They tell me in order to do that, when I add the torrent, a window is going to pop up and ask me where to save the torrent file, I then have to point to the folder where the files I want to seed are located. However with the mac version, this window is not coming up !

So, is there any other way on the mac version for me to save the torrent file in the right folder and begin seeding ?? I think moving manually the torrent file to the right folder and then adding it to the client is not working for me :'(

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