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upload problem


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I have installed last release of utorrent but have upload problem :

In my firewall, I make a port forwarding for utorrent, and with the test included in utorrent, it works !

I have disabled UPnP, NAT-PMP is activated

I can download with no problem, but it don't upload very well...

When I start utorrent, uploads dont start... but the trackers are ok

When a guy connect to someone of my share, it's starts sometimes but upload speed will decrease and the upload stops

I have start utorrent since 18h, and uploaded only 217mb... (I have a link @ 10Mbit => 1Mbit upload)

A precision : I can see some leechers in my shares (I'm not seeding trackers that don't have leechers)

Thanks in advance for your help

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This issue is present a lot these days

I assume that you are running windows 7

Somehow I do not have this problem anymore,

but sometimes it comes and I must restart U torrent and then up speeds are OK again.

I have done some things to my computer but mods on forum says it has nothing too do with it.

I dont know maybe I was just lucky than


Many users went from U torrent to some other torrent klient, because of that.

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Ok thanks for this message

But I'm running XP Pro SP3, but I think it's the same problem...

It's shame, that I'm new on utorrent (before I was on Azureus Vuze but this client it's too big... I test utorrent this days because it has a good reputation, but maybe I could return to Vuze...sniff)


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I have followed the setup guide from the utorrent site

It explains well the configuration, and the parameters UPnP, NAT-PMP, etc...

But in my case, this doesn't work very well... My config seems to be OK, fort forwarding OK, good parameters setted, UPnP disabled because my port forwarding, NAT OK...

All downloads are OK but problem with seeds... Maybe a bug or incompatiblity with some stuff

I'm now on Azureus and it's work fine => port forwarding OK, uploads/downloads nice, no problem

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