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HELP >> With Multi Files Torrents


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Usually i download the torrents that contains many files like ( Series seasons , Movies packs ) , But There is a problem , Lately i was downloading a season from A series and its episodes was in one folder after i finished i tried to put every episode alone in A folder so i can make them groups to burn them on DVD ,The problem is when i tried to play them after i seperated them many files seems corrupted and didnt work , when i make a recheck with utorrent each files gave about 80-90 % , Then i grouped them back ad they were at the first ( all in 1 folder ) everything seems good and they worked fine with no problems , when i searched i found that this is because of ( SHARE PIECES ) >> is there any solution for this maybe any option or program can groupe the pieces in it`s file

TNX in Advance

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