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Version 1.8.4 - No. of connections


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My uTorrents software was updated today to version1.8.4 and since then I have been having a problem with the number of connections.

Although the speed of the torrents has increased dramatically but it just overwhelms the bandwidth with the number of connections it generates. I have been monitoring the number of connections with ESET Smart security and no matter what I changed the number of global connections variable to in the Options settings in uTorrents, it still keeps generating quite a bit of connections. Previously it was set to 200 and now I have been reducing it and have come down to 50, but to no effect.

Due to which, after running the software for some time, the internet connection gets clogged down and it does not open any website or anything else stops connecting to the internet. After I close the uTorrent software, it then slowly starts to kill the connections after about 5 minutes and then the internet starts working as well.

Additionally in my process explorer, it keeps increasing the processor load from time to time for the entry DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls). My system is Windows XP and I have a dual core processor Intel T2410 @2.00 GHz and 2GB Ram.

I am not sure if anyone else is also having this problem. But it will be helpful, if someone can look into this. In the meantime can someone suggest, if there is a way to get the previous version and install that on my computer?



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"Mistakenly" ? No. Connection-tracking works this way - it will always count a udp packet as a connection. Same with ADSL modem NAT engines. ;)

DPCs can be caused by misbehaving hardware and drivers. Once I unplugged a USB device and DPCs were fixes. Plug it again - DPCs again - so I restarted the USB device - it is a Creative SB Extigy.

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