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High speed downloads, but supposedly firewalled


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Hi, my problem is as follows:

I have a very good internet connection, download speeds have already went over 500kbs but uTorrent still reports me to have a firewalled turned on.

I have Windows firewall turned Off, Forwarded port 8858 on my router which i set in uTorrent to be the port chosen (not randomly). Using Nod32 but uTorrent is in the ignore list in web protection.

uTorrent tests on the net tells me I'm firewalled but no application could be firewalling my comp. I'm using WRT54G2 router, with SpeedStream 5242-Series modem.

Any help would be greatly appreciatted

Thanks in advance


I should add I am using a wireless connection with the Linksys WMP54G


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Some googling might yield some instructions on how to tweak it, also try checking dslreports for details, they list info on some modem/router configurations. It's also possibly your ISP has done something to it, what ISP are you using? What happens directly connected AND with UPnP on in µTorrent?

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