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Port Forwarding HELP.


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I followed the simple directions properly to get a port forwarded. after finishing, it says the port is not open. i have tinkered with everything and i cant get it to work.

I corrected the settings in utorrent

I setup a static ip. retried a few different IPs

I opened the port range with quite a few different ports.

What could i possibly be missing?

dsl qwest modem (actiontec) GT701

And a Linksys WRT54G Ver

Running Vista Ultimate 32bit


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Your computer's static LAN ip address MUST be outside the router's DHCP dynamic LAN ip range, ESPECIALLY for Linksys routers.

You may have multiple software firewalls blocking uTorrent. (Antivirus, antispyware...)

Does your modem also have a firewall and/or mini-router in it?

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Thanks so much for your help. i did in fact have to do exactly what you said. i had to configure the modem to forward to the router.. and then forward from the router to my machine. i didnt realize i had to configure my modem as well. MY PORT IS OPEN after three days of head (and back) ache.

thanks again.

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