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uTorrent "cheating" against other bt programs?


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Hi, sorry for the strong subject but here's what I suspect after some tests.

I'm on a Mac and uTorrent is still in beta stage, leaking many interesting features that (for example) Transmission has.

So I've started to make some speed comparisons as I had noticed that uTorrent seemed to be faster.

Same torrent file, same port, same connection limits, same upload and download speed limits.

Programs tested:

uTorrent (beta) - Mac

Transmission 1.75b2

qBittorrent 1.4.1

Vuze (last version)

and, on a Linux machine:

Deluge (last version)

Results: all the programs EXCEPT uTorrent are almost at the same level.

I can achieve more or less 200/250 on that torrent with all of them. Using uTorrent, I can get up to 550, staying almost all the time at 400.

What could be the reason of it? Is uTorrent just much better of them all or is it giving higher priorities on the queues to other uTorrent clients, as almost all Windows users are on uTorrent?

Ah, little note: all those programs detect that files have been modified by other softwares and perform a check, correctly detecting the newly downloaded parts. uTorrent doesn't and tends to discard many good parts, already downloaded by the other softwares.

More, if trying to download a file that is likely to be shared also by non-uTorrent users (as Ubuntu isos), I can get high speeds also with the others.

Thank you.

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There is no benefit to prioritizing µTorrent clients, so that can be ruled out. More likely than not, it's just a combination of luck and maybe a better (or just different) choking algorithm in use. Tests by other people have indicated that µTorrent Mac doesn't necessarily download more quickly than other clients.

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Ok, got it.

What I've noticed is that uTorrent clients tend to connect to other uTorrent clients and Transmission ones to Transmission.

This may be simply because all the Transmission use the same algorithm and connect the same way while uTorrent uses another one and connects in other ways. Alias: Transmission peers tend to find themselves because they all search in the same way. Same for uTorrent. But being uTorrent widely used, more than Transmission, we may often see better speeds.

I think it may be logic.

So...when a new (and complete) uTorrent version for Mac? :-)

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Trackers make no such distinction for BitTorrent clients. MOST Trackers hand out the peer/seed ips without favoritism as far as I know.

uTorrent will attempt to connect to ips it gets, also without knowing in advance what BitTorrent client is on the other end.

It is ONLY if the other end either cannot connect or refuses to connect to uTorrent that there starts to be "favoritism", and most of that is likely due to client BUGs rather than maliciousness.

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About connections... Switeck's response is on the money, though I don't know of any bugs that would prevent Transmission and uTorrent from connecting to each other. It's probably the luck of the draw -- one metaphor is to imagine the tracker handing out other peers as a dealer would deal out shuffled cards.

About speed... on private torrents, my firsthand tests indicate that uTorrent, Transmission, and libtorrent all perform on about the same level. To stretch the card game metaphor to the breaking point, I found that "the luck of the draw" is overwhelmingly more important and that, over time, all clients are able to improve their hands by discarding bad peers and drawing new ones.

I only know of one speed issue that is real -- in public torrents containing multiple trackers, uTorrent can outperform clients using libtorrent < 0.15 or libtransmission < 1.80 due to the way uTorrent interprets the multitracker spec. The fact that libtorrent and libtransmission are adopting uTorrent's interpretation of the spec speaks for itself. ;)

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