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I use both Utorrent and Bittorrent, and I am having an issue with both of them. It started recently, I am getting the little triangle error that states ppl cannot connect to me, and now im getting a new image of a red circle with an ! in it stating "Not connectable." The odd thing is that im still downlaoding and uploading, its not great but its working sorta. I searched high and low online to resolve this issue, I found the guides for making a static ip and port forwarding and nothing. Well not nothing it worked for a little while i even got the green circle with the check mark in it. However when went to double check my static ip, it has changed back to allowing my computer to auto find an ip for me, that has happened every time i have tried to set it up as a static ip. So im at a complete loss, im not computer retarded, however this has me stumped.

Below is I think all the relevant data bout my set up:

Xp-64 bit

Cable internet

Avg for anti virus

Linksys WRT150N

great as i was typing this it swicthed over to tell me its all working well, and i didnt do anything, But it wont last. So yeah any ideas/suggestions anyone has to offer im all ears at this point. Oh and if any one needs any other info on whats on my computer that may be blacking bit torrent just let me know thanks.

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I tried a few one was (i figured it was a safe bet because thats the ip my computer already was set to when i ran ipconfig on teh command window) I also tried .98. neither of those worked, it swapped back over to auto detecting as soon as soon as i hit ok the window closed

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