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'migrating' torrent files


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I read the paper on the subject of moving the torrent program (mainline) to another computer and continuing to download the same torrents. (It was here: http://www.bittorrent.com/btusers/guides/bittorrent-user-manual/chapter-03-advanced-guides/migrating-another-location )

My harddrive took a turn for the worse and so I replaced it with another, and installed the same operating system (Windows XP SP3) into the machine. I have a hard drive USB adapter that allows me to move files pretty easily from it, to the new installed drive.

The issue is, I had been downloading the initial torrent 'tickets' to that old drive (C:) but was having the actual files downloaded to an external harddrive (K:). I copied Bittorent from the old drive C: and put it on my new drive C:, so I think the paths are the same now. But when I start up Bittorrent with the new harddrive C:, Bittorrent is empty. I'm not sure what to do, and don't want to lose the 100 GB in-progress torrent files that I have.

When I look in any of the torrent folders on the external harddrive, I see the files that are partly downloaded, but there's nothing else in them. Should there be?

Any help extremely appreciated!

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Hi again,

thank you for the response - getting the original torrent download tickets was the thing I was hoping to avoid, as there are so many of them. But anyways, in what order should I do this? I can search for the original torrent file/ticket, but if I click on it, how will Bittorrent know that I already have the 'main' file partially downloaded (and where should I put that partially downloaded file so that it works?)

thank you very much!

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