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Need a little assistance.


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Hey everyone, sorry to bug ya with this question. I know there guides on this stuff but i don't really understand the guides. =(

Perhaps, someone might be able to clarify were i can put some numbers so i can get better download speeds.

About a month ago i had download speeds of around 350+kbps.

Then i did a real stupid thing, i watched a you tube video and screwed up my settings.

I now know you tube is bad for that stuff and have recently cleared my setting and reinstalled utorrent.

According to my ISP im on the 3MB download and 512Kb upload.

I checked on speednet and i got 2.99MB download and 0.50MB upload.

Now im sure im on the right plan.

Only problem is im not sure how to take those numbers and apply them to my utorrent settings

My router is a Linksys WRT54G Version 8.2. I know how to port forward and all that good stuff.

I read a post on something about Linksys routers slowing down speeds, Could my router also be affecting my speeds?

Basically, this wall of text is asking what should i put in the "number of connections" box and all the other ones. If i understand correctly, now that i know what my speed is, i can correctly fill in those boxes.

Thanks for reading!

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