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Snow Leopard


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After I posted this question in the Windows section by accident and some smart**s put it in the trash section, I am reposting it on this section.

I have installed the newest utorrent and Snow Leopard and when I try to download a torrent, it will show a blue arrow with a download rate, upload rate, seeding and estimated time and then all of a sudden it puts a red "X" were the blue arrow was and stops completely. I was told that it was a set up problem. Can anyone give me directions on how to set it up. I have a Linksys wireless G router, if that helps anyone.

After I posted this I was asked about a tracker and I posted this,

This is what come up after it stops and a red " X " appears:

Tracker : http://tracker.blazing.de:80/announ

I don't know all of the mumbo jumbo things that was in some of the other posts. I know some about computers but not a hole lot.

Which I was given the reply:

Why are you posting about the mac version in the windows section?

FAQ and Search

Use them.

Chances are, I'm not in the mood for runarounds. If guides ask for info. Provide it before I have to ask for it.

All i want is some help and it seemed like one person tried to help me while another became a **s about it. Please help me!!!

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The red "X" means it can't find the files it downloaded. Did you move them after updating to 10.6?

You got the reply you did because you posted in the wrong section. Different people look at different sections. This issue might be a basic one, but people who help out in the windows section may not know many details about µTorrent for Mac. And vice versa.

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