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Listen Port Error


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Hi all

I have just moved to Windows 7 from Ubuntu where I was using Deluge as the closest thing I could find to uTorrent on linux.

My router config is the same as it has been for a number of years of uTorrent useage and the forwarded port is the same as always (49152). I seem to be downloading at the speeds I would expect, and uploading too - but uTorrent is constantly reporting that I should change the listen port. I am running Win7 Ultimate and have no firewall installed. Antivirus is AVG Free. The inbuilt portchecker and shields up confirm that the port is open, so I have no idea what this is.

I checked the log and get the following information.

[2009-09-22 07:14:58]  TCP port bind failed (10048) Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. 
[2009-09-22 07:14:58] IPv6 is installed
[2009-09-22 07:14:58] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:d5c7:a2d6:1800:1557:a319:cdfa

Any help gratefully recieved.

Many thanks

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