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WRT54G tomato firmware optimal config for utorrent


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The subject's a little too broad...didn't the makers of Tomato have a FAQ or guides for doing so?

I can only suggest:

1.Decreasing TCP and UDP timeouts to 30 seconds

2.Increasing max connections allowed to whatever your router can handle ram-wise (probably 1000 for 8 MB routers)

3.Shrinking the router's DHCP LAN dynamic/random ip range to only about 10-20 ips. (uses less ram)

Don't set uTorrent to use as many connections as the router allows max...restrict it to half of that at absolute most! I really don't suggest using over 100 peer/seed connections for anything slower than ~0.6 megabit/sec upload speed max anyway. Even GOOD networking may have minor problems with 500+ peer/seed connections at once!

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