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Is it safe to download torrents on my apartment's internet?


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It's safe if you don't download contents possibly infected by some viruses, trojans or malwares.

But these torrents are often reported as bad torrents on the tracker.

If you speak about the bandwidth, if your line is shared with the other apartments, you have to set uT to not eat all the bandwidth.

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If you download copyrighted material you can be easily tracked if someone intendes to do so. As moogly said virus could be an issue, but that has nothing to do with the connection. Bandwith, either u limit that or get limited for someone will notice. Being hacked could be one of your fears, utorrent is a very safe program, i dont think it will leave any open door for someone to hack through.

so just use it dont leech and dont download illegal stuff

edit (no double post yo):

chances u get tracked down are like one in a million or less.

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