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Upload Issues


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Ok so I seem to have not a huge issue with downloading, although I would be interested to know why if there is such a huge amount of seeds available, why I only connect to a small amount of them.

Anyways, the real issue is my upload speeds. I seem to have an average of10 kB/s REGARDLESS if I am downloading anything or not. I have tried switching the settings around, and nothing changes the speed.

First things first, after running a speed test from speedtest.net I was given:

19.75 Mb/s download

0.90 Mb/s Upload

these are the settings from my connection tab in options:

The port I am using is properly forwarded, but does it make a difference to which port I use?

X Enable UPnP port Mapping

Radomize Port Each Start

X Enable Nat-PmP Port Mapping

Add Windows Firewall exception

The X represent the checked boxes. If you need any other setting from me, let me know.

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Maximum Upload Rate: 47 kB/s ( I think this set because I chose the 512k speed, closet to my upload result on the utorrent speed checker. have had this at zero (unlimited) with no difference.

Maximum Download Rate: Unlimited

Global Number of connections 250

Maximum Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent: 90

Number of Upload Slots: 4 (having this number higher does seem to slightly increase speeds, more so make the upload more erratic. I did want to see what an optimal number would be)

X Use additional upload slots if speed < 90%


Max number of active torrents: 3

Max # active download :3

Seed While

Ratio is <=0 or seed time <= 0min

seeding task have higher priority (Not Selected)

Seeding goal (not Selected)

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