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Speed Issues


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I used to have my utorrent set up on my laptop for around 2 years and all was fine, I would average a download speed of 350kb. But recently I had to wipe my computer of everything due to a virus which meant reinstalling utorrent. Sinse I have done this I have experienced speed problems which I have tried to resolve to no avail. I would much appreciate some help on dealing with the problem.

Now my speed peaks at around 80kb and will then drop to around 5kb.

i have it set at a 2MBit connection and have not altered any other preferences. I have used the guide on the official site but still nothing. There is not a problem with connecting as right now I am trying to download a torrent with 2415 seeds, I am connected to 124 of them and am achieving a download speed of 40kb. When I run speed tests I get around the 3MB range.

Please help!

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Ok have done. Is there any other settings i should change from instalation?

*6 hours later*

I have come to the conclusion that it is completely fucked. Nothing I do works, it is stuck at 4kb/s download speeds and it is doing my head in. Spent all day trying to sort it out to no avail.

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