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HELP!!! Trying to portfoward my linksys WRT54G


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I have tried using portforward.com many times and it still won't work! my utorrent always says that the port in not open. one thing I noticed is when going to configip/all my IP address is diffrent from when I go to whatsmyip.com. is that normal? I have watched many videos on configuring this and everything but it just wont work PLEASE HELP will the mess up my xbox live connection? I don't have any problems with it but didnt know it doing this would mess it up. I also noticed when utorrent checks if the port is open or not it says that its not open using the IP address that is given when I go to whatsmyip.com and not the one that it gives me in the router when adding the ports to enable for utorrent. its a completly diffrent IP.

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