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UPnP (xxxxx) OK ?


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Hi, all!

Just changed my home network config a bit.... added a wireless router between my PC

and the ADLS box.. The status bar in uTorrent changed to UPnP (port number) OK.

Just checking that this means things are still Ok?...Seem to download fine.. just wanted

to make sure...

Thanx for the help.


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Not really. I'd say if he doesn't know what UPnP is then it's better to use it. :P

Basically UPnP is "automatic port forwarding" - right now, all is okay, but if you disable UPnP and don't set up manual port forwarding correctly then you'll have problems.

Often it's better to do things manually than use UPnP since some routers seem to be a bit flaky using it...

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