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i have no router and my utorrent dont download anything.


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when i check if my port is forwarded it says my port is closed no matter what port number im entering,

and i cant port forward my router because i dont have router. i turne on encryption and im using the latest version of utorrent. i set my firewall off and disabled Zone Alarm with no result. in the little circle in the bottom of utorrent it says that my bitorrent is disabled.

this problem started a few months ago, when i downloaded a big download (around 7 giga). after that, i wasnt able to download anything.(note that sometimes when i downloaded big files, i was able to download with 200 kilobyte per second for a lot of time, without any progress. on the "wasted", it showed a lot of progress).

i looked at many sites but the didnt offered any solutions. what is your advice?

thanks in advance!

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BitTorrent may be throttled differently than Emule.

But do 1st (slow speed section) and 2nd links in my signature...

These encryption settings probably won't help, but I'll mention them anyway:


I explain a bit about ISP throttling and possible workarounds you can try here:


(NOTE: Those settings were a special case for a wireless ISP!)

"how did you know"...from your ip address.

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