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Can't forward port with Linksys WRT54G2 Router


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Recently I had to reset my WRT54G2 router and as a result, I lost all of my settings that I had been using. Before resetting my router I didn't have to worry about port forwarding or static IP addresses, the port would be open in uTorrent without changing anything.

NOW uTorrent is saying my port isn't open. I went through that portforward site and set up a static IP address, then accessed my router settings through my web browser and put in everything to forward the port...and uTorrent still says the port isn't open.

I'm assuming I set up the static IP correctly because I can still browse the internet. I've double checked everything I entered into my routers port forwarding page and still, no luck. I've re-read the portforward instructions several times and I don't know where I'm making a mistake.

Any suggestions? Anyone have this issue before? I want to get uTorrent up and running again so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Originally I went through portforward.com to setup my static IP, but when the port was still blocked I downloaded a program called "Simple Port Forwarding" to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up.

Anyways, my static IP is

As far as the DHCP, I'm not sure how to check that. When I accessed my linksys router it said this:

DHCP Server: Enabled

Starting IP Address:

Maximum Number of DHCP Servers: 50

Is that the information you needed? Where would I find additional information, if that's not enough?

Also, the way my internet is setup, I have the DSL line running into a SpeedStream 5500 modem, which then runs into the linksys WRT54G2 router. I read at http://www.pcwintech.com/how-setup-two-or-more-routers-together-port-forwarding-port-triggering that the SpeedStream modem is in effect, acting as another router, and that I have to change the DMZ settings on the Speedstream modem. Except the link I posted above doesn't go into detail as to how to do that.

I've never had to mess around with my DSL modem before, but is that what I need to do now? I know how to access the router through my browser, but what/how do I make the changes necessary. Thanks for your help so far.

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