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modem or router setting


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hello everyone

i am using beetle 110bx1 adsl2 modem & netgear wnr2000 router. before installing netgear i was getting an average speed of 55kbps of download. my utorrent port was forwarded alright with auto settings i.e. upnp port mapping enabled. i got netgear so that i could get wifi connection on my notepad as well. but with netgear installed my download speed is now somewhere between 0.5 to 20 kbps. i am not able to portforward in netgear. if i remove netgear i again get the same speed of 55-65kbps.

one thing i am not able to get is whose settings should i change. my router's(netgear wnr2000) or my modem's(beetle 110bx1). the static i.p. should be set according to which one. gateway, dns, and all other settings.

please anybody help me configure my settings. i am using the wifi router wired.

thanks in advance.

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