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Torrent Extensions Changed


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I have a current gen, new MB Pro 15" running Snow Leopard. After I have opened torrent files in uTorrent the downloading goes okay. However I noticed that once the torrent has been used the torrent extension changes to a ".torrent.import". If for some reason uTorrent is shut off and then turned on it can no longer find the torrent (of course), and downloading does not resume. The only way to fix this is to right click on the file, go to Get Info, then Name and Extension, delete the .import part off. However once uTorrent finds the file again the torrent extension again changes to a ".torrent.import". This has happened since I started using the the latest version of uTorrent for Mac (the beta). I have been trying the alpha version but the same thing is happening. Has anyone else experienced this and can they help me or is this just a bug? I download my torrents to my download folder in my home folder.

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