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Utorrent 2.0 Beta is killing my entire network


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Firstly please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum (Please feel free to delete or move this thread if this is the case)

I have downloaded Utorrent 2.0 and I have isolated that Utorrent is causing the problem, the router has been reset machines have been isolated and restarted and upon disabling Utorrent all network activity resumes.

Essentially once Utorrent 2.0 is run it kills the Internet over EVERY machine, not just the machine it is on but the entire network whether it is LAN or wireless, this has only ever happened with this version and I am hoping there is a fix otherwise I will have to attempt an earlier build.

The speed at which it downloads is not clogging the network either (less then 200kb/s) where as I can download 1MB/s without problems on previous versions, I have run run essentially every command prompt command related to network usage without any success (I am still reading previous threads so I will update/remove this thread if I find my answer in the tabs I currently have open)

- Build 17127

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That seems to have helped, currently awaiting new router but I am assuming leaving hundreds of torrents open to upload but not uploads will be using connections and causing problems but thanks so much.

EDIT: After removing 99% of my uploads and setting it to 5, it does not seem to have helped - double checked and I am being constantly dced so I will try to keep reducing that figure, my question is, is this new to 2.0 as all other versions have worked perfectly but I think a old version may be better

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