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importing my own torrents into utorrent after reinstalling utorrent


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hi everybody!

i have a following problem.

i had to uninstall utorrent, and now i am having problems importing my own uploaded torrents back into utorrent. i did it, but out of 6 files only one upload (torrent) is actually seeding again in a way that somebody is actually downloading from me (i made a test).

what would be the problem?

what is the correct procedure, how do i do this?

i don't want to go into whole uploading procedure once again (big files!), and i don't want to upload a new torrent to sharing sites; i would just like to continue seeding the existent torrents.

thanks in advance for your reply!


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thank you for your reply.

i'm afraid i didn't follow the migration guide. i had no idea there is a migration guide.

i reloaded many unfinished downloads before, and this was the first time i was moving my uploaded torrents; i haven't thought it would be complicated.

would you be so kind to to tell me where to find the migration guide so i can learn some new stuff and try to correct the mistakes (a link perhaps)?

i've tried faq and search on the forum before, but i didn't use these exact words (migration guide).

thank you in advance for your reply!

kind regards,


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