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RSS Downloader: Filter file extension


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Hey guys..need some advice:

I wonder if its possible for the RSS downloader to filter out differned kinds of file extensions.


Im using the mininova TV RSS Feed.

A few days ago, i got some episodes as Windows Media (.wmv).

I check´d the feed and found nothing wrong - same description (bla-Xvid-blabla) for 3 torrents, only one of them contains a wmv, not an avi.

I tried to add a filter like "*720*|*wmv*" - but it wont work - i still got the first episode, even if it is an wmv file.

Is there any chance to prevent the RSS downloader from choosing wmv-torrents?

Or do i have to search for a new RSS Feed for my purpose?

*did some research-maybe useful for others too:

i read that the specified wmv torrents are mostly fake -

they are described as, but not from eztv or vtv.

The specified (real) users have last posted on 9/9/09 - all newer torrents are from fakers!

i just deleted the complete TV feed and added the user-Feeds for vtv&eztv till somebody has a better idea!

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I came here also hoping to find a way of filtering on the file extension to prevent these fake wmv files from polluting my downloads.

Am very surprised to see that the filter capability doesn't extended to the file extension.

Hope this can be considered for implementation.

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Hope it too, cause now I got passworded Rar files instead of WMVs.. *arg* - i think the only way in the moment is to change the RSS Feed to a more trustworthy one. After my first Post I changed to BT-Chat - now its polluted too.

I will edit the Feed so that only EZTV posts will be listed, there seems to be less pollution..

Please µt-coders, invent a "filetype filter" for us - so the pollution will end!!

(i think that the RSS-downloads are the only thing that "seeds" those polluters!

Cause I can only stop seeding after I find a wrong filetype)

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