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[1.1.4]wrong flag


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This problem also occurs with the German Provider T-Online, since they also use .net domains. So it's shown as American.

Any chance to make a more intelligent system? Either by tracerouting them (which might take too many bandwidth), or by adding some special hostmask, like the T-Online Hostmask to be recognized as German Flag.



Both are German Providers which may be added as:

if hostmask = *.dip.t-dialin.net

then flag = German.gif

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I really don't think benching a flag vs nonflag version is necessary. Do you? :)

To me, it's fine. It isn't a nuisance, and can give a quick, organized view of what kind of TLD you are connected to. Boo hoo if it isn't in the US, that isn't what it is there for (although I guess having flags like that can be misguiding in itself).

As I said, I am pretty much neutral...

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