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Downloads really slow, but I've got a green light!!


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I am desperate for any help here please. I've spent days now pulling my hair out but to no avail.

My setup currently consists of Edimax N Router (AR 7265 wna) which wirelessly sends the signal to my Edimax access point / repeater (EW 7416 apn) in universal repeater mode. This is connected (wired) to my Vista PC through an ethernet switch.

I've set it uup with a static IP ( and forwarded the ports ( set at 56834) in the router (even though it's turned off) and pc firewall. I get a green light when connecting uTorrent but the download speeds are terrible.

I've used the settings from the conservative settings chart and speed test shows regular dl/ul speeds at 8720/800.

Yet when connecting and downloading torrents, I only get very slow speeds (around 15kB average)

What else am I missing???

I changed my transp-disposition from 13 to 15 and this doesn't seem to have made any difference. I've worked my way through the other options and nothing else has helped. I've also done the glasnost test(it passed) and enabled protocol encryption. My ISP is currently TalkTalk.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks

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